Average Minimum Temperatures in Austria (°C) Average Maximum Temperature in Austria (°C) Austria Average Temperature (°C) Average Sea Temp (°C) Average Precipitation/ Rainfall (mm) Wet Days (>0.1 mm) Average Sunlight Hours/ Day Relative Humidity (%) Average Wind Speed in Austria (Beaufort) Average Number of Days with Frost  
Weather in Austria in July 15 25 20 - 84 13 8.6 66 2 0 Average Temperature in Austria in July



Hallstat, Austria

8th century B.C. lake village in mountains, oldest in Austria. Train to one side of lake, ferry to Hallstat on other side of Lake. Day trip.


Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria’s most active city is located on the River Inn, has an old medieval center and jaw dropping mountain range backdrop.